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Read the following three texts—— Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Text 1

Nisaburo and I-Iiroko Ohata are unlike most Japanese couples their age. Sure, Hiroko, 58, is worried about her husband' s high blood pressure, while Nisaburo, 60, promises his wife that if she loses 18 pounds they'll take a trip abroad. What makes the Ohatas different is how they met, through a matchmaking organization for single seniors. "On the second date, he asked if I wanted to meet his family," says Hiroko. "I took that as a proposal. " A little rushed, perhaps, but 17 years after his wife' s death, Nisaburo knew he' d found a new wife. The couple just celebrated four years of marital happiness last month.

In the past, people like Nisaburo and Hiroko might have chosen to live out their lives alone. But as Japan' s society ages, attitudes about love and remarriage late in life are changing. In 2006, according to government data, three times more men and nearly five times more women in their 60s and 70s married for at least the second time, compared with 20 years before.

Granted, change is slow. For this silver-haired population, the concept of "dating" is still masked by the term ocha nomi tomodachi (friends having tea together). And older people often need help meeting I rospective mates. That' s where specialized matchmaking services such as Ai Senior--" Love Senior"--come in. When Shunichi Ikeda started the online service three years ago, he was surprised by how many visits he was getting from people in their 60s.I keda says that his clienls have an "American perspective" about the dating scene. And their

children are often very supportive, sometimes being the ones to register parents. "More older peo-ple are realizing that life is supposed to be enjoyable--not lonely," says Ikeda. About 17% of the matchmaking clients in Japan are over 50 years old, according to Ai Senior, and seniors' market share has more than doubled over the past three years. "For older, single men, even doing laundry or cooking is difficult," says Ikeda. "They want to live with a woman. Likewise, it can be boring for women living alone. They want to provide for someone.

46. According to the writer, the Ohatas are different from most senior Japanese couples in that_______

A. they remarried with the help of an agency

B. they decided to marry on the second date

C. the husband suffers from a health problem

D. the wife is concerned about losing weight

47. As is implied in the text, Nisaburo' s proposal on the second date might be considered______

A. typical of single seniors

B. irresponsible to his family

C. a surprise to the woman

D. a decision made in haste

48. In Japan, the change in attitudes about remarriage results from an increase in______

A. its population

B. single women

C. senior people

D. the divorced

49. According to Ai Senior, the matchmaking clients in Japan

A. admire the American lifestyle

B. are mostly under 50 years of age

C. share a vague term for "dating"

D. doubled over the past three years

50. According to Ikeda, more single seniors remarry in order to______

A. live a longer life

B. solve financial problems

C. make their life enjoyable

D. support their children together


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