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Commercial classical music radio in North America has changed dramatically over the past decade. The number of stations has shnmk very rapidly--many operators dropped the format in favor of something more profitable, like pop or rock, with their crazy youthful audience. But the availability of satellite radio, Interact streaming and digital technologies has introduced new options for classical fans.

In the city of Toronto, a familiar media player entered the tray last year: Moses Znaimer, 65, the famous brave television pioneer who was the driving force behind Toronto' s CITY-TV. Eleven months ago, he took ownership of Classical 96.3 FM, Canada' s first and largest commercial clas- sical station, which "re-launched" this month with some new on-air hosts, a totally new schedule, and more attention to singing art and less to full-length symphonies.

The popular station airs selections (usually no more than 10 to 15 minutes long) of greatest- hits classical works, 24 hours a day. This usually means single movements of larger works and oth- er pieces, with commercial ads in between. The station may never be the preferred destination of highbrow classical fans, who seek full-length symphonies and operas. But this doesn' t seem to trouble Znaimer, who says of his main competitor, CBC Radio Two: "They play classical, and they do it well when they do it, but they don' t do it all the time, and they' re doing it less and less. "

Marilyn Gilbert, a Toronto artist manager, also makes a comparison to Canada' s national broadcaster when she praises Znaimer' s station: "Classical 96.3 FM is very important for the com- munity and the country, especially in view of the changes that are going on at CBC. "

Znaimer is best-known for his influential work in television, but he was also one of the crea- tors of Cross Country Checkup, the longest-running show on CBC Radio. Today he calls Classical 96.3 FM "arguably the most successful of all classical music stations on the continent. At about 800,000 listeners per week, we are larger even than the New York Times classical station E WQXR- FM]." And under his excellent and creative leadership, the sound of the station has become livelier.

56. Many operators have dropped commercial classical radio in order to_______

A. make more profits

B. promote pop music

C. use new technology

D. attract classical fans

57. From the text we learn that Moses Znaimer wanted to_______

A. consolidate his position at Classical 96.3 FM

B. acquaint classical fans with some new radio stations

C. help expand Toronto' s CCTY-TV into a bigger business

D. make Classical 96.3 FM more satisfying to classical fans

58. It can be inferred that Classical 96.3 FM makes money by_______

A. attracting and broadcasting commercials

B. showing carefully selected programs

C. competing with CBC Radio Two

D. pleasing highbrow classical fang

59. Marilyn Gilbert believes Classical 96.3 FM_______

A. encourages people to learn classical music

B. introduces a new idea to broadcasting reform

C. matters a lot to the community and the country

D. causes CBC to change its way of program arrangement

60. The success of Classical 96.3 FM lies in the fact that______

A. it has reformed its traditional program style

B. it is more diverse than WQXR-FM in New York

C. it has attracted audiences of different age groups

D. it is the biggest broadcasting station on the continent


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