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Text 4

A pure virus (病毒) could be kept in a bottle, just like hundreds of other chemicals. Yet, when a virus is placed on a living thing, it comes to life. As long as it is on a living material, it grows.

A difficult question still remains - what is a virus? Is it living or chemical? Men of science had always thought life and not-life to be as different as black and white. With the discovery of the virus, they became aware of a grey area that was neither black nor white.

Until the 1930’s, it was accepted that there was also a great difference in size between the largest chemical molecules (分子) and the smallest living things. As new and much finer filters (过滤器) were invented, men were able to measure viruses. The first virus to be measured was found to be about 100 millimicrons (毫微米) across.

The largest known chemical molecule measures only 22 millimicrons. The smallest living thing measures almost seven times that size or 150 millimicrons. When viruses were measured, they were found to range in size from 16 millimicrons to 300 millimicrons. Most were found to be larger than the largest chemical molecules and smaller than the smallest living things.

The answer to the puzzle - what is a virus? - must be that it is both living and not living. In a living cell, it is a live thing. In a bottle, it is nothing more than a chemical. We now realize that the virus is actually a link between life and not-life.

68.What is this text mainly about?

[A] How viruses should be understood.

[B] The effect viruses have on living things.

[C] How filters are used in studying viruses.

[D] The researches scientists do with viruses.

60.What makes a virus come to life?

[A] A large chemical molecule.

[B] A dead chemical.

[C] An active virus.

[D] A living cell.

70.What do the underlined words “a grey area” in paragraph 2 refer to?

[A] The discovery of unknown chemicals.

[B] Viruses in a state of living and not living.

[C] A difficult question unsolved about viruses.

[D] The colour of viruses between black and white.

71.Which of the following is the smallest in size?

[A] Viruses.

[B] New filters.

[C] Living cells.

[D] Chemical molecules.

Text 5

Good Value Britain


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For more details, visit www.scotral.co.uk or, in the UK, tel: 08457 550033


The capital offers a host of sights, experiences and wonderful memories and one of the best money-saving plans is the London Pass. This, allows you free entry for more than 60 attractions. When you buy the card you receive a 132-page colour guidebook and information on the latest built-in discounts on restaurants and tours. You can also have fast track entry at some of the busiest attractions, to jump those lines. Passes are available for one to six days or you can include a travel pass for public transport within zone 1-6 for £82. Order your pass on the credit card line, tel: (UK) 0870 242 9988, or buy online at www.londonpass.com.

The London for Less discount card comes in a pack with guidebook and a handy fold-out street map. For £12.95 London for Less gives you discounts, from 20-50%, at more than 300 different London attractions, including shows, concerts and restaurants. You can also get discounts on everything from clothes to money exchange. You can buy your London for Less card from some major bookshops in the capital.


The Great British Heritage (GBH) Pass gets you into 600 of Britain’s finest historic houses, castles and gardens and is available for four, seven, 15 days or a month. This year even more attractions are open to GBH cardholders. Visit www.visitbritain.com or go to the Britain Visitor Centre for more information.

72.With Scotland Travelpass, you can ____.

[A] use Internet service

[B] buy discounted maps

[C] have free use of public transport

[D] enjoy free entry to many museums

73.One use of the London Pass is to ____.

[A] save you from waiting at some tourist sights

[B] offer you free bus rides throughout London

[C] enable you to shop online with discounts

[D] guide you to London’s best restaurants

74.Which is most useful if you plan to go to shows in London?

[A] The GBH Pass.

[B] London for Less.

[C] The London Pass.

[D] Scotland Travelpass.

75.What service can a GBH card offer for a fixed period time?

[A] 50% discount for public transport.

[B] Cheap prices for hotels in central London.

[C] A 15-day pass to any attractions in Britain.

[D] Free entry to many British historical places.

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