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Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)

Directions: There are four passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage:

Television is one of today's most powerful and widespread means of mass communication. It directly influences our lives on both a short and long term basis; it brings worldwide situations into our homes; it affords extensive opportunities for acquiring higher education; and it performs these tasks in a convenient yet effective manner. We are all aware of the popularly accepted applications of television, particularly those relative to entertainment and news broadcasting.

Television, however, has also been a vital link in unmanned deep space exploration (such as the Voyager Ⅰ and Ⅱ missions), in providing visions from hazardous areas (such as proximity to radioactive materials or environments) in underwater research, in viewing storms moving across a metropolitan area (the camera being placed in a weather protective enclosure near the top of a tower), etc..The earth's weather satellites also use television cameras for viewing cloud cover and movements from 20,000 miles in space. Infrared filters are used for night views, and several systems include a spinning mirror arrangement to permit wide area views from the camera. Realizing the unlimited applications for today's television, one may thus logically ponder the true benefits of confining most of our video activities to the mass entertainment field.

Conventional television broadcasting within the United States centers around free enterprise and public ownership. This requires funding by commercial sponsors,and thus functions in a revenue producing business manner. Television in USSR subjected areas, conversely, is a governmentowned and maintained arrangement. While such arrangements eliminate the need for commercial sponsorship, it also has the possibility of limiting the type of programs available to viewers (a number of purely entertainment programs similar to the classic “Bewitched”, however, have been seen on these government controlled networks. All isn't as gray and dismal as the uninformed might unnecessarily visualize).

A highly modified form of television called Slow Scan TV is presently being used by many Amateur Radio operators to provide direct visual communications with almost any area of the world . This unique visual mode recently allowed people on the tiny South Pacific country of Pitcairn Island to view, for the first time in their lives, distant areas and people of the world. The chief radio Amateur and communications officer of Pitcairn, incidentally, is the legendary Tom Christian great, great grandson of Tom Christian of “Mutiny on the Bounty” fame. Radio Amateurs in many lands worked together for several months establishing visual capabilities for Pitcairners. The results have proven spectacular, yet the visual capabilities have only been used for health education, or welfare purposes.

Commercial TV is still unknown to natives of that tiny country. Numerous other forms of television and visual communication have also been used on a semi restricted basis. This indicates the many untapped areas of video and television which may soon be exploited on a more widespread basis. The old cliché of a picture being worth a thousand words truly has merit.

21.According to the passage, applications of television are easily accepted in ____.

A) metropolitan area

B) deep space exploration

C) programs about entertainment and news

D) remote areas

22.Which of the following statements is true in the eyes of the writer?

A) Applications of television are beneficial to big cities.

B) Applications of television are believed to be good activities.

C) Applications of television are restricted to television systems.

D) Applications of television do benefit to the mass entertainment field.

23.According to the passage television in USSR ____.

A) is limited to a revenue producing business manner

B) requires funding by commercial sponsors

C) puts away the need of commercial aid

D) is badly in need of commercial help

24.In the passage, the author tries to tell us purely entertainment programs similar to the classic “Bewitched” ____ .

A) are as good as those in the U.S.

B) have been seen on many government controlled networks

C) are as gray and dismal as the uninformed might unnecessarily visualize

D) are not as gloomy as the uninformed might

25.The author's attitude toward television programs is ____ .

A) positive B) indifferent

C) critical D) dangerous

Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage:

I came across an old country guide the other day. It listed all the tradesmen in each village in my part of the country, and it was impressive to see the great variety of services which were available on one's own doorstep in the late Victorian countryside.

Nowadays a superficial traveler in rural England might conclude that the only village tradesmen still flourishing were either selling frozen food to the inhabitants or selling antiques to visitors. Nevertheless, this would really be a false impression. Admittedly there has been a contraction of village commerce, but its vigour is still remarkable.

Our local grocer's shop, for example, is actually expanding in spite of the competition from supermarkets in the nearest town. Women sensibly prefer to go there and exchange the local news while doing their shopping, instead of queueing up(anonymously) at a supermarket. And the proprietor knows well that personal service has a substantial cash value.

His prices may be a bit higher than those in the town, but he will deliver anything at any time. His assistants think nothing of bicycling down the village street in their lunch hour to take a piece of cheese to an old age pensioner who sent her order by word of mouth with a friend who happened to be passing, the more affluent customers telephone their shopping lists and the goods are on their doorsteps within an hour. They have only to knit at a fancy for some commodity outside the usual stock and the grocer, a red faced figure, instantly obtains it from them.

The village gains from this sort of enterprise, of course. But I also find it satisfactory because a village shop offers one of the few ways in which a modest individualist can still get along in the world without attaching himself to the big battalions of industry or commerce. Most of the village shopkeepers I know, at any rate, are decidedly individualist in their ways. For example, our shoemaker is a formidable figure: a thick set, irritable man whom children treat with marked respect, knowing that an ill judged word can provoke an angry eruption at any time. He stares with smouldering contempt at the pairs of cheap, mass produced shoes taken to him for repair: has it come to this, he seems to be saying, that he, a craftsman, should have to waste his skills upon such trash? But we all know he will in fact do excellent work upon them. And he makes beautiful shoes for those who can afford such luxury.

26.The writer considered the old country guide interesting because he found in it ____ .

A) the names of so many of the shops in the village around

B) the many people selling to, and doing jobs for, residents in local villages at the time it appeared

C) the variety of shops and services available in Victorian days in Britain

D) information about all the jobs there were in his own and surrounding villages at the time it appeared

27.The local grocer's shop is expanding even though ____ .

A) women spend a lot of their time there just gossiping

B) town shops are larger and rather cheaper

C) people like to shop where they are less well known

D) people get personal service in his shop

28.The writer implies that one disadvantage of town shops is that ____.

A) their prices are higher

B) people cannot telephone them

C) their staff may take less trouble to satisfy customers

D) one has to queue up in them

29.The writer appreciates the village shop because ____.

A) he welcomes competition with organized business

B) he likes the idea that a humble person can be successful

C) this is a case of individual success in a world of increasing

D) he welcomes an example of private enterprise surviving in an age of giant companies

30.What is the village shoemaker's reaction to mass produced shoes?

A) He considers they are not worth the effort of mending properly.

B) He is angry with the customers for bringing in such rubbish.

C) He despises their quality.

D) He feels exasperated because people waste their money on inferior shoes.

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage:

Black Americans have served with honor in every American military action, though this fact is often omitted in history books. Even though black men almost had to beg to be allowed to serve in the Revolutionary War, they went on to serve well. Two blackmen, Oliver Cromwell and Prince Whipple, were with Washington when he crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day, 1776, to attack the British at Trenton. A black man named Estabrook captured the Royal Army's general Prescott Newport, and Peter Salem, a black, killed Major Pitcairn as he was savoring his expected victory at Bunker Hill.

Even though they were forced to serve in separated units, black soldiers distinguished themselves in combat. This was despite the fact that whites had long believed that blacks could neither command nor use firearms. In 1863, William Carney of the Massachusetts Colored Infantry received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his role in battles with the Plains Indians. Isaiah Dorman, Coster's black scout, served and died at the Little Big Horn in 1876.Henry Flipper was the first black graduate of West Point in 1877.

In World War Ⅰ, 40,000 black American combat soldiers served with the French command. Neither U.S. nor British commanders would use these men. But Henry Johnson and Needham Roberts, soldiers in the 369th Infantry's black “Hellfighters” were still the first Americans to win the Croix de Guerre, France's top military award.

During World War Ⅱ over 600,000 black men and women served in the armed forces, including some 400,000 who served overseas. Dorie Miller, a black mess attendant in navy, was one of our first heroes in this war. At Pearl Harbor during the Japanese sneak attack, he manned a machine gun and shot down four planes. The black fighter pilots of Benjamin Davis, Jr. distinguished themselves throughout the war. They served most courageously during the Italian campaign. During the war in Vietnam, mainly because of civil rights pressures in America but also owing to the fine record of black military units, all American forces were fully integrated. Once again blacks played vital roles. And 13.2 percent of all war deaths were of blacks, even though blacks constitute only 11 percent of all Americans. Black American soldiers continue to serve their land well.

31.The main idea of this passage is that ____ .

A) black Americans made contributions in the Revolutionary War

B) black Americans have admirably served their country in at least five wars

C) black Americans suffered a larger portion of war deaths in Vietnam than did any other minorities

D) black Americans served under the French command in World War Ⅰ

32.Benjamin Davis, Jr. was ____ .

A) one of black fighter pilots during World War Ⅰ

B) commander of a group of black fighter pilots during World War Ⅱ

C) one of the soldiers who crossed the Delaware with Washington in 1776

D) a scout for Coster and died at the Little Big Horn

33.The passage implies that ____ .

A) black Americans were forced to fight in World War Ⅰ

B) black Americans served in the military for a good life

C) Americans have been ignorant of the fact that blacks have played in America's military history

D) black Americans went into war because of their courage

34.The meaning of the word “savoring” is ____ .

A) demanding B) commanding

C) assuring D) enjoying

35.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A) Black Americans played an important role in the wars in America.

B) None of the white fight pilots joined World War Ⅱ.

C) The portion of deaths of blacks is larger than that of the whites.

D) All the statements are true.

Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage:

The island of Great Britain being small(compared with the size of Australia),the natural place for holiday relaxation and enjoyment is its extensive coastline, above all its southern and eastern coasts, though Blackpool, which is probably the best known and most crowded seaside town, and the favorite resort of the mass population of industrial Lancashire, is on the north west coast. Distant and little inhabited areas like Northern Scotland, are too remote for the development of large seaside resorts.

For most children, going to the seaside suggests a week or fortnight of freedom on the beach, ideally a sandy one providing ample opportunity for the construction of sandcastles, fishing in pools for stranded shrimps, paddling in shallow water or swimming in deep. Children's entertainments may include the traditional knockabout puppet show “Punch and Judy”, donkey rides, paddleboats in artificialponds, mini golf and the swings and roundabouts in local fairgrounds. Their parents spend sunny days swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach. Not that the British sun can be relied on and the depressing sight of families wandering round the town in mackintoshes and under umbrellas is only too common. However there are always the shops with their tourist souvenirs, plenty of cafes and, if the worst comes to the worst, the cinema to offer a refuge. The average family is unlikely to seek accommodation in a hotel as they can stay more cheaply in one of the many boarding houses. These are usually three or four storeyed Victorian buildings, whose owners spend the summer season letting rooms to a number of couples or families and providing three cooked meals a day at what they describe as a reasonable price, with the hope that in this way they will add enough to their savings to see the winter through. Otherwise there are the caravan and camping sites for those who prefer self catering.

Nowadays, even when an increasing number of people fly off to Mediterrane an resorts where a well developed suntan can be assured, or explore in comfort Swiss lakes and mountains or romantic Italian or Spanish cities, the British seaside is still the main attraction for families, especially those with younger children. As they queue for boat trips, cups of tea or ice cream under grey skies and in drizzling rain, the parents are reliving their own childhood when time seemed endless, their own sandcastle the most splendid on the beach, the sea always blue and friendly and the sun always hot.

36.A reason suggested in the first paragraph for the appeal of the British seaside is that ____ .

A) it is an ideal place for children

B) most holiday resorts are in the warmer south and east

C) it is within easy reach

D) a large number of people enjoy going there

37.Children enjoy the seaside because ____ .

A) they can be sure to play on a sandy beach

B) they are allowed to do anything they like

C) it provides a period of enjoyable escape from school routine

D) there are a variety of enjoyable ways of spending time there

38.It is suggested that as a form of holiday entertainment the cinema ____.

A) is visited only if there is nothing better to do

B) is the only place there is to go to in bad weather

C) has nothing whatever to recommend it

D) is the best place there is to go to in bad weather

39.What reason is suggested for running a boarding house?

A) The owners earn their living by doing this.

B) This helps to pay for the upkeep of a large house.

C) The resulting supplementary income will ensure a living for several months.

D) The money they make will keep them through the winter.

40.What attraction has the British seaside got for many parents in comparis on with European resorts?

A) They can take their families with them in their own country.

B) There are more ways of enjoying themselves there.

C) It takes them less time to get there.

D) They can relive happy memories.

Part Ⅲ Vocabulary (20 minutes)

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A),B),C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

41.Normally he is rather ____ but sometimes he talks freely about himself.

A) reserved B) serious C) sociable D) peaceful

42.Obviously these are all factors affecting smooth operation, but the ____ problem is still to be identified.

A) operational B) underlying C) operating D) underneath

43.The flat we have rented is very ____ for the underg round station.

A) enjoyable B) convenient C) near D) suitable

44.Water is readily ____ hydrogen and oxygen.

A) broken down B) broken up

C) broken into D) broken out

45.You can ____ your shorthand ability by taking notes in shorthand during lectures.

A) keep in B) keep on

C) keep out D) keep up

46.We have a high regard for Mr. Powell because he always ____ his principles.

A) lives up to B) lives out

C) lives on D) lives through

47.I wandered through the cool ____ of the forest trees.

A) shadow B) dark

C) shade D) obscurity

48.The pilot must have been completely ____ to fly in this weather.

A) clever B) sensuous

C) sane D) insane

49.The melting of the snow has caused flooding by ____ rivers.

A) expanded B) overgrown

C) increased D) swollen

50.I objected to ____ for such an unpleasant job.

A) being picked on B) being picked out

C) being picked up D) being picked at

51.The sky looks lighter. I think the weather is ____ .

A) clearing away B) clearing

C) becoming clearer D) clearing up

52.Before you run ____ other people, it is as well to consider your own faults.

A) over B) down

C) after D) into

53.We hadn't realized that there would be a power cut, so we were astonished when the whole house ____ into darkness.

A) thrown B) drowned

C) dropped D) plunged

54.After a certain age one tries in ____ to change one' s fixed habits.

A) order B) vain

C) silence D) defence

55.Switzerland is well known for impressive mountainous ____.

A) views B) scene

C) scenery D) Nature

56.If you have finished with these tools, I wish you'd ____ them ____ .

A) put…apart B) put…away

C) put…forward D) put…down

57.A long line of traffic had to wait at the ____ until the train had passed.

A) crossroads B) level crossing

C) bridge D) junction

58.A trip to the Antarctic is ____ safe if you take the necessary precautions.

A) within reason B) reasonably

C) in doubt D) doubt

59.The Andersons have not ____ yet and I doubt if they will now.

A) turned up B) turned in

C) turned down D) come in

60.When I asked her advice, she ____ the matter and then told me not to go.

A) answered B) explained

C) pondered D) wandered

61.His son expected to ____ a business.

A) reside B) construct

C) eliminate D) set up

62.The club members voted to ____ the ban on smoking.

A) refrain B) inquire

C) recess D) abolish

63.Did your parents ____ the work you have done?

A) commend B) command

C) consent D) mumble

64.The expedition reached the ____ at ten thirty that morning.

A) summit B) main trail

C) starting point D) site

65.We had to start at exactly the same time, so we had our watches ____ .

A) transfixed B) stabilized

C) temporized D) synchronized

66.Some people in position of power are using their ____wrongly and this seriously affects the present reform.

A) force B) privileges

C) advantages D) merits

67.You must have ____ the examination before Friday, so bring your money to the office as soon as possible.

A) passed B) sat for

C) entered for D) taken

68.The spokesman claimed that most people ____ the government's economic policy as a success.

A) look out B) look up

C) look ahead D) look on

69.It was felt that he lacked the ____ to pursue a difficult task to the very end.

A) engagement B) persuasion

C) commitment D) preservation

70.When the tire blew out, the rules Jack had learned in driving classes ____ him ____ safe.

A) carried…away B) carried…forward

C) carried… off D) carried…through

Part Ⅳ Error Correction (15 minutes)

Directions: This part consists of a short passage. In the passage there are altogether 10 mistakes, one in each numbered line. You may have to change a word, add a word or delete a word. If you change a word, cross it out and write the correct word in the corresponding blank. If you add a word, put an insertion mark (∧) in the right place and write the missing word in the blank. If you delete a word, cross it out and put a slash (/) in the blank.

A man or woman makes direct contact with society in two ways:as member of some familiar,professional or religious group,or as a member of a crowd.Groups are able of being as moral and intelligent as the individuals who form it;a crowd is chaotic,has no purpose of its own and is capable of everything except intelligent action and realistic thinking.Assembling in a crowd,people lose their powers of reasoning and their capacity for normal chose. Their suggestibility is increased to the point that they cease to have any judgement or will of their own. They become very excitable, they lose all sense of individual or collective responsibility, they are subject for sudden excesses of rage, enthusiasm and panic. In a word, a man in a crowd behave as though he had swallowed a large does of some powerful intoxicant.

71. ____

72. ____

73. ____

74. ____

75. ____

76. ____

77. ____

78. ____

79. ____

80. ____

Part Ⅴ Writing (30 minutes)

Directions:For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic. “Rechoice of Professions—A Social Problem”. You should write at least 150 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese ) below:

1. 下岗人员(laid off personnel)面临一个严肃的问题——再就业。

2. 下岗人员要改变就业观念,树立坚强信心,重新就业。

3. 人们要关心、帮助下岗人员,克服困难,争取胜利。


Part Ⅱ



本文主要讲述了电视是当今世界上传播广、影响大的传媒,无论长期或短期都对我们的生活起着重要的影响作用。它可以使世界变得更小,也可以使我们 的生活丰富多彩。本文特别强调了电视在娱乐圈和商业领域里比在其他领域里得到更加广泛的认可,并就电视在美国和前苏联的运用加以比较和区别。

21. 答 案C。【参考译文】根据题意电视的使用在哪些方面较容易得到认可 ?【试题分析】本题考查对作者的意图的理解。【详细解答】在本文的第一段里可以找到此答 案。 We are all aware of the popularly accepted applications of television, particularly those relative to entertainment and news broadcasting. 由此可见电视最容易在娱乐和新闻方面得到运用。 A) 在大都市地区。是指观察暴风雨掠过大都市地区,并非指在大都市地区的电视使用。 B) 在宇宙远处的探索。只是电视在宇宙开发运用的一个方面,并不像在新闻与娱乐方面的运用那样容易得到确认。 D) 在边远地区。在这里电视的使用更不是那么容易。

22. 答 案D。【参考译文】在作者看来下面哪种说法是确切的 ?【试题分析】回答作者提出的问题,即对作者的用意的回答。【详细解答】 A) 电视的使用对大城市有利。B) 有人认为电视的使用是很好的活动。 C) 电视的使用对电视系统而言受到了限制。根据短文第一段最后一句话可以确定 D) 最好地回答了这个问题:… one may thus logically ponder the true benefits of confining most of our video activities to the mass entertainment field (人们可能逻辑性地认为我们看电视活动的好处都限制在大规模的娱乐活动上面了。)这就间接告诉人们电视的使用确实对娱乐领域有利,因此D) 的说法正是作者的观点。

23. 答 案C。【参考译文】根据短文意思在苏联的电视是……【试题分析】考查学生的比较和分析能力。【详细解答】 A) (苏联的电视)局限为年税收的商业活动。B) 需要商业资助人的资助。 D) 急需经济援助。根据短文第二段所述,苏联的电视和美国的相反,是由政府控制和安排的。这种政府行为排除了经济资助人的资助,同时也限制了提供给电视节目的种类。答案 C) 可在下面句中找到:While such arrangements eliminate the need for commercial sponsorship, it also has the possibility of limiting the type of programs available to viewers。 由此,A) 项是美国的年税收情况,而在苏联并没提到,可以排除。 B) 和D) 两项更容易排除。

24. 答 案D。【参考译文】文中,作者力图告诉我们和古典的“ Bewitched”相似的纯娱乐性节目……【试题分析】考查学生对文章的分析判断能力。【详细解答】 A) 和美国的娱乐节目一样好。B) 已在许多政府控制的电视网上看到。 C) 和那些不知情者无需观看的节目一样晦涩无味。本题答 案D) 可在短文第二段中找到:…it also has the possibility of limiting the type of programs available to viewers (a number of purely entertainment programs similar to the classic “Bewitched ”,however, have been seen on these government controlled networks. All isn't as gray and dismal as the uninformed might unnecessarily visualize)。文章中,美国的电视节目和苏联的电视节目没有进行好坏比较,因此A) 项可排除。B)项,许多纯娱乐性电视节目在苏联政府所控制的电视网上播放,不符合事实,亦应排除。C) 项的说法恰恰相反,更应排除。

25. 答 案A。【参考译文】作者对电视节目的态度是……【试题分析】考查学生对全文的综合概括能力。【详细解答】 A) 积极的。B) 漠不关心的。C) 批评性的。D) 危险的。根据全篇文章的陈述,作者对电视节目的态度是积极的、客观的,因此,选 A)。




26. 答 案B。【参考译文】作者认为这本陈旧的乡下导游手册有意思是因为他发现……【试题分析】考察学生对上下文的理解能力。【详细解答】作者认为这本陈旧的乡下 导游手册有意思是因为他发现:这本书出现的那个时期,有许多商人向当地村民卖东西,给村里人做工及向来访者兜售古玩。因此, B) 正确回答了本题要回答的问题。此答 案可在短文的第二段中找到:Nowadays a superficial traveler in rural England might conclude that the only village tradesmen still flourishing were either selling frozen food to the inhabitants or selling antiques to visitors. (当今,在英格兰乡下即使一个肤浅的旅游者也会得出结论:如今生意仍很兴隆的乡村商人们要么向村民们兜售冷冻食品,要么向来访者兜售古玩。 )作者进一步得出结论: Nevertheless, this would really be a false impression. Admittedly there has been a contraction of village commerce, but its vigour is still remarkable. (然而,这只是一种假象,有一种普遍看法,虽然这种乡村商业已收减,但其活力仍然显而易见。 ) 从文中可以看出,如今的乡村贸易,虽然规模减小了,但仍很兴旺。可想而知,在这本导游手册出现的那个时期,商业该是多么兴旺! A) 村子周围许多商店的名字。文章中并没提到许多商店的名字,而且作者对此也不感兴趣。 C) 在英国维多利亚时期的各种商店和服务。作者所感兴趣的是现在的当地商店的各种服务,而不是维多利亚时期的。D) 这本书出现时期,有关他本村和周围村子里劳务信息。以上三项选择都不能正确回答本题主旨,故均不能入选。

27. 答 案B。【参考译文】当地的杂货店尽管有……,但实际上在扩大。【试题分析】考学生的对关键词语的理解能力,只要有一定的词汇量,就不难从字行里找到答 案。【详细解答】 B) 项选择可在文章的第三段开头找到:Our local grocer's shop, for example, is actually expanding in spite of the competition from supermarkets in the nearest town.(例如,我们这里的杂货店尽管有来自附近城镇里超级商店的竞争,但实际上正在扩大。这种竞争主要是指超级商场的优势,商店大,货物便宜)。A) 妇女们花大量时间在那里聊天。C) 人们喜欢到不被人们注意的地方买东西。D) 人们可以在他的店里得到个人服务。

28. 答 案C。【参考译文】作者暗示城镇商店的不足之处是……【试题分析】本题考察一般的阅读能力,需从字行里找答 案。【详细解答】根据题意,作者暗示城镇商店不足之处是: C) 其商店雇员没下功夫来满足顾客的需要。相反乡村商店对顾客有求必应,服务到家,其店员不辞劳苦,牺牲中午吃饭时间送货上门,这种情况和城市超级商店的服务形成鲜明对照,故选 C) 比较 恰当。 A) 他们的价格较高。事实上,他们的价格不是较高,而是较低。故不能入选。B) 人们不能和他们通话。事实上非如此。大商店设施齐全,价格便宜,只是服务赶不上乡村商店而已;故不符合本题要求。 D) 人们必须在那里排长队;这也不是主要理由,原因是没有良好的服务。

29. 答 案B。【参考译文】作者欣赏乡村商店的原因是……【试题分析】本题考察学生对整篇文章的理解能力。【详细解答】作者欣赏乡村商店的原因是: B) 他欣赏那种地位低下的人获得成功的想法。选择此项要从整篇课文的主题入手。文章中作者赞成什么,欣赏什么是显而易见的。他之所以对这本导游手册感兴趣,就是因为他发现农村中普通商店,普通老百姓那种孜孜不倦的“敬业”精神和成功范例。 A) 他欢迎同有组织的商店进行竞争。C) 这是一个在发展中的世界里个人成功的例子。 D) 他欣赏这是一个从大公司时代生存下来的私人企业样板。 A), C)和 D) 都不能反映作者欣赏农村商店的理由,故不能入选。

30. 答 案C。【参考译文】乡村鞋匠对大批生产的鞋子的反应是什么 ?【试题分析】本题考察学生对某一段文字的全面理解能力。【详细解答】 C) 项回答了这个问题。他的反应是:瞧不起它们的质量。鞋匠的这种反应表现在文章的最后一段: He stares with smouldering contempt at the pairs of cheap,massproduced shoes taken to him for repair: has it come to this, he seems to be saying, that he, a craftsman, should have to waste his skills upon such trash? (他盯着那双拿到他跟前、批量生产而又便宜的鞋子,眼中流露出掩饰不住的轻蔑。他似乎在说,就这么一双破烂货还需要像他这样的手艺人劳神费力去修补吗?由 此可以看出他是多么地瞧不起这种鞋子。 A) 他认为这种鞋不值得好好修补。虽然他瞧不起其质量,但他还是认认真真地进行修补。文章的最后一句就说明了这个问题。 B) 他对拿这种质量很差的鞋子让他修补的顾客感到恼火。事实上是,他虽然瞧不起这种质量很差的鞋子的质量,但对工作还是非常认真负责的,对顾客并没有发火或有不礼貌之举。 D) 他感到恼火是因为顾客们在这些质量很差的鞋子上花费了钱财。鞋匠做鞋和补鞋,其目的之一是为了生计,为了赚钱,没有必要为顾客在质量差的鞋子上花钱而生气,所以无论从语言文字上或逻辑上,他没有、也没必要为此生气。



本文主要反映了美国黑人几乎参加了在美国历史上所有战争的作战。他们令人钦佩地至少在五次大战争中服过役。他们在各次战争中伤亡的比例是白人的 数十倍,然而,美国人对黑人在美国军事历史上所起的作用却一无所知,在美国的历史书上黑人的荣誉与地位往往被“忽略”掉,从中不难看出美国的种族歧视的历 史渊源和根深蒂固。

31. 答 案B。【参考译文】本篇短文的主题思想是……【试题分析】本题考察学生的综合概括能力。【详细解答】本篇短文的主题思想是,美国黑人令人钦佩地至少在五次 战争中服过役。和其它三项相比较, B) 项所反映的情况比较全面客观。在文章中所谈到的五次战争中黑人都表现出色,这是本文所叙述的主要内容。 A) 美国黑人在革命战争中所做出 的贡献。这一项不能全面反映黑人在各个战争中所做的贡献,所以也就不足以构成本文主题。 C) 美国黑人在越战中伤亡比例大于其它美国少数民族。文章中并未谈及其它美国少数民族的伤亡情况。在所有战争中黑人的伤亡比例为 13. 2%,并不光指越战的伤亡比例。D) 美国黑人在第一次世界大战时曾服役于法国人的麾下。此项反映的只是黑人参战情况的一部分,不能反映他们参战的全貌,因此也构不成主题。

32. 答 案B。【参考译文】 Jr.本杰明?戴维是……【试题分析】本题考察学生对某一段文字的理解能力,如何从字里行间找答案。【详细解答】 A) Benjamin Davis, Jr.在第一次世界大战中是黑人战斗飞行员之一,在文章的第四段中有这样一个句子: The black fighter pilots of Benjamin Davis, Jr. distinguished themselves throughout the war. (Jr. 本杰明?戴维的黑人战斗飞行员在整个战争中表现出色。)黑人战斗飞行员是在本杰明的指挥下,他是指挥员而并不是战斗员。他所指挥的部队是在二战中参战,而 不是在一战。时间上的差异是最重要的区别,故A) 不能入选。B) 本杰明在二战期间指挥一支黑人战斗飞行队伍,正符合本题题意。C) 1776年随同华盛顿穿过特拉华河的士兵之一。1776年随同华盛顿穿过特拉华河的是另外两名黑人,一个是 Oliver Cromwell, 另一个是Prince Whipple。时间上,一个是1776年,另一个是二次世界大战,时间相差悬殊。D) Coster 的侦察兵,在Little Big Horn 牺牲。在Little Big Horn 牺牲的是Isia Dorman, 而不是本杰明。

33. 答 案C。【参考译文】本文的含义是……【试题分析】本题考察学生的综合分析能力。【详细解答】只有通过全面理解和分析全文才能得出本文作者所暗指的是什么。 A) 美国黑人被迫参加一次大战。这种说法不全面,应该排除。B) 美国黑人参军是为了过好生活。文章中没有这样的描述,也没有作者的暗指,也应排除。 C) 美国人对黑人在美国军事历史上所起的作用这一事实一无所知。作者在文章中列举了大量的美国黑人在各个历史时期参战的事实和例子,以说明黑人在战争中所起的作用,其目的就在于让美国人民了解这一历史事实,故本题为正确答案。 D) 美国黑人参战是因为他们的勇气。这种说法带有片面性,不是作者的本意,故不能入选。

34. 答 案D。【参考译文】单词 savoring的意思是……【试题分析】本题考察学生的词汇量和辨析能力。【详细解答】 A) demanding 要求、需要;B) commanding 指挥、控制;C) assuring 确信、放心;D) enjoy 享受…的乐趣、欣赏、喜欢,和savoring 意义近似,故可入选。

35. 答 案B。【参考译文】以下几种说法哪一种不真实 ?【试题分析】本题考察推理和判断能力。【详细解答】本题的要求是回答下面几种说法中哪一种不对。 A) 美国黑人在美国各次战争中起了重要的作用。这一说法符合事实,并在文章中多有描述,故不在否定之列。 B) 没有一个白人战斗飞行员参加过第二次世界大战,这种说法不符合历史事实, 美国的飞行员包括黑人,但主要的还是白人。所以 B) 为本题最佳选择。C) 黑人的伤亡比例要比白人的伤亡比例高;这也是事实。从文章的这句话里可以看出: And 13. 2 percent of all war deaths were of black, even though blacks constitute only 11 percent of all Americans. (虽然黑人仅占美国人口的11%,但是所有战争中的13. 2%的牺牲者是黑人。)由此可见黑人的伤亡比例远高于白人。因此不能入选。D) 所有这些说法都正确;显然不合题意,应该排除。



本文以生动诱人的笔调描述了大不列颠海滨的秀丽风光。和大自己数倍的澳大利亚相比,其面积实在太小,但这里却是吸引人们旅游观光,度假休闲的好 地方。在这里不仅孩子们可以尽情嬉戏,如垒沙堡,荡船,骑小毛驴,看木偶戏,在微型高尔夫球场上打球等,而且大人们也可以重温幸福的童年。

36. 答 案C。【参考译文】第一段文章里提出的英国海滨诱人的原因是……【试题分析】考察学生对某段文章的理解能力,如何从字里行间找答 案。【详细解答】在文章的第一段里,作者陈述了英国海滨吸引人的理由是人们很容易到达那里,和澳大利亚相比,大不列颠岛很小,这是主要原因,故选 C)。B)节假日休闲胜地大多都在温暖的南方和东方,在第一段里没有提到,提到的是北苏格兰人烟稀少的边远地区太偏僻,不易开发为大的海滨休闲胜地,所以 B)项不能入选。D)许多人喜欢到那里去,第一段里也没谈及到此事,另外,没有说出人们喜欢去那里的理由和原因,故也不能入选。

37. 答 案D。【参考译文】孩子们喜欢海滨是因为……【试题分析】本题考察学生的推理和总结能力。【详细解答】孩子喜欢去海边是因为: D)那里有各种各样的度假休闲的开心方式;如… ideally a sandy one providing ample opportunity for the construction of sandcastles, fishing in pools for stranded shrimps, paddling in shallow water or swimming in deep.(孩子们的娱乐还包括观看木偶戏,骑小毛驴,在人工湖里荡船,在微型高尔夫球场打高尔夫球等 );故选D)最为恰当。其它三项都不构成孩子们喜欢海滨的主要理由,故不在入选之列。

38. 答 案A。【参考译文】电影院作为一种娱乐场所在这里却是……【试题分析】考察学生对作者意图的理解。【详细解答】人们光顾电影院只是在没有任何别的更好的娱 乐休闲方式的情况下才去那里。 A)项选择可在短文的第二段中的最后一句里找到:if the worst comes to the worst, the cinema to offer a refuge.(在最糟的情况下,电影院便可以提供“避难”所 )。B)、C)和D)都不符合本题题意,故都在排除之列。

39. 答 案C。【参考译文】开办住宿的理由是什么 ?【试题分析】本题考察学生的判断能力,如何从误导中找出正确答 案。【详细解答】开办住宿的理由是什么呢 ?A)房东为了生计而开办;B)为了房屋的维修而开办; C)增加的额外收入将确保维持几个月的生活;此答 案可在文章的第三段中找到:… with the hope that in this way they will add enough to their savings to see the winter through(希望以此增加积蓄,确保度过冬天)。C)正确回答了本题的题意,因此入选。 D)他们所赚的钱将保证他们度过冬天;此项选择很容易被误认为正确答 案,但仔细分析就不难看出此项选择是有意误导。开办住宿收搭伙费的目的是为了增加收入,而不是仅靠这一点钱作越冬之用。

40. 答 案D。【参考译文】和欧洲度假胜地相比,吸引家长们去英国海滨的诱人之处是什么 ?【试题分析】考察学生的对某一段文章的理解能力。【详细解答】所提问题是:和欧洲的度假胜地相比,吸引家长们去英国海滨的诱人之处是什么 ?A)他们可在本国带自己的家人去那里;B)那里有能够让他们开心的各种活动; C)去那里所花时间要少。根据文章最后一段的最后一句不难看出吸引家长们去那里 的原因是 D)他们可以重温幸福的回忆(即童年的回忆)。因此选D)最为恰当。

Part Ⅲ

41. 答 案A。【参考译文】一般来说他非常沉默寡言,但有时说到自己便侃侃而谈。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,与语法正误无关,主要是考察形容词与系动词搭配是否符合整句的逻辑关系。【详细解答】 reserved沉默寡言的。B)serious严肃的;认真的;用在这里,语法是对的,但语义上不能和 talks freely about himself形成反差。C)sociable好交际的;友善的;好交际和侃侃而谈不能形成对照。D)peaceful和平的;安静的;反义词是 violent和noisy,也不能和talks freely形成反差。所以只有A)reserved符合题意。

42. 答 案B。【参考译文】很明显这些是影响顺利操作的全部因素,但……问题仍待进一步验证。【试题分析】本题主要考察词语搭配和习惯用法。【详细解答】 underlying(=from the basis of a theory, of conduct, doctrine, etc)。题意:很明显这些是影响顺利操作的主要因素,但根本问题仍待进一步验证。 A)operational操作上的;用于操作的;C)operating操作;运作;D)underneath(=beneath, below)在下面,在 底下;A)操作上的,指行为动作,不能用来修饰problem;B)operating动名词,不能和problem搭配也不对;D)在下面,指方位,更 不能用来修饰problem,是错误用法。

43. 答 案B。【参考译文】我们租的公寓到地铁站……【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,与语法正误无关,主要考察形容词与介词的搭配及在语义用法上的区别。【详细解 答】 convenient方便;便利。题意:我们租的公寓到地铁站很方便。外出买东西或乘车方不方便,用 inconvenient来表示。题中的flat(一套房间、公寓)是作居住或办公用的,到地铁站乘车就有一个方便不方便的问题,而不存在合不合适或喜欢 不喜欢的问题,所以A)enjoyable和D)suitable答 案都不对。C)near(or near to)靠近;离…近;near后面不能跟for,故C)也不对。

44. 答 案C。【参考译文】水容易……成氢和氧。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察英语动词短语的搭配和习惯用法。【详细解答】 break into化分成…。题意:水容易生成氢和氧。A)break down指(机器、车辆等)坏了;(计划、谈判等)失败了;(身体)垮了;(谈话、通讯等) 中断。B)break up散(会),驱散(群众等);(中小学)学期结束,散学。D)break out爆发(战争); 突然发生 (争吵,疾病等)。

45. 答 案D。【参考译文】你可以在听课时用快速记笔记的方法来……你的速记能力。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,考察动词短语的习惯用法。【详细解答】 keep up保持;坚持。题意:你可以在听课时用速记记笔记的方法来保持你的速记能力。 A)keep in待在家里;忍住(不发脾气);B)keep on继续干;坚持(干);继续(前进);C)keep out挡住,使进不去,不要进来。

46. 答 案A。【参考译文】我们非常尊重鲍威尔先生,因为他总是……他的诺言。【试题分析】同上。【详细解答】 live up to按…行事;履行(诺言等)。题意:我们非常尊重鲍威尔先生,因为他总是按其原则行事。 B)live out活过(某一段时间);住在外面;C)live on以…为食;靠…生活;D)live through度过;经受住。

47. 答 案C。【参考译文】我曾在森林的……处散步。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题,主要考察在语义上的区别。【详细解答】 shade阴凉处;阴暗,黑暗。题意:我在森林的阴凉处漫步。 shade指没有阳光照射的阴凉地方。丛林中阳光透不进,比较阴凉,所以选shade。A)shadow是指某一物体投下的影子,界限比较明确,并且有一 定的形状,如人在月光下的影子或宝 塔在阳光下的影子,故此项选择不适合本题。 D)obscurity(=sth. that is obscure or indistinct)晦涩或不明之事物,e.g. a philosophical essay full of obscurities(充满晦涩文字的哲学论文 )。

48. 答 案D。【参考译文】在这种天气里飞行,飞行员一定是……【试题分析】本题为形近词辨析题。 B、C、D形体类似,其意义完全不同。A为混淆项。【详细解答】 insane(=mad, senseless)疯狂的;不理智的。题意:在这种天气里飞行,飞行员一定是发疯了。 A)clever聪明,明智的;如果飞行员聪明或理智的话就不会在这种恶劣的天气里飞行。B)sensuous感官方面的;感觉上的;在意思上有大的区别,更不适用。C)sane指心理健全的,神态清楚的,和insane意义相反。

49. 答 案D。【参考译文】积雪融化使河水上涨造成水灾。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。【详细解答】 swell: to become greater in volume, thickness, or force (使)增大;增厚;增强;膨胀;肿起。e.g. Wood often swells when wet.木材浸湿时常膨胀。The river was swollen with melted snow.河因融雪而涨水。A)expand扩大,扩张,膨胀和contract(收缩)相对,和河水上涨没有联系。B)overgrow蔓延,长满;通 常是指植物,如:a garden overgrow with weeds长满野草的花园。C)increase增加;增多,指数量或程度增加或增多。

50. 答 案A。【参考译文】我反对挑选我去做这种令人不愉快的工作。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察动词短语的用法。【详细解答】 being picked on。pick on意思是choose (sb.) for a purpose, often unpleasant; speak to sb. unpleasantly or treat him unkindly;为某种目的,常常是令人不愉快的,挑剔(某人);(偏)挑中(某人)进行责骂、批评或叫他干不愉快的事等。B)pick out选出,辨别出;C)pick up拾起,捡起;(跌倒后使自己)爬起;D)pick at找岔;尝一点点。

51. 答 案D。【参考译文】天空显得亮堂起来了,我想天要变晴了。【试题分析】同上。【详细解答】 clearing up(天气)放晴。题意:天空看起来变得比较亮堂了。我认为天气将放晴了。A)clear away把…清除掉;(云雾)消散。天气变晴只能用clear up;而clear away(云雾消散)不能和clear up等同,故用法不对,不能入选。B)和C)更不能作为本题答案。

52. 答 案B。【参考译文】在说别人的坏话之前也要考虑自己的毛病。【试题分析】同上。【详细解答】 run down说别人的坏话。A)run over(车辆等)辗过;溢出;C)run after追捕;跟踪,D)run into偶然碰见。run和不同的介词或副词构成不同的短语或习惯用法,含有不同的意义。英语中有许多这样的动词短语,注意它们的习惯用法。

53. 答 案D。【参考译文】我们没料到会断电,所以当屋里变得一片漆黑时感到很吃惊。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。【详细解答】 plunged (into)使投入;使陷入。A)throw投,抛,扔;B)drown淹没,淹死;C)drop落下,滴下

54. 答 案B。【参考译文】到了一定的年龄要改变固有的习惯是徒劳的。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察介词 in和不同名词的搭配及用法。

【详细解答】 vain徒劳(的)。A)order和in搭配,in order to (do sth.)作目的状语,为了…;以…为目的; C)silence和in搭配,in silence意思是:沉默地,无声地,介词短语作状语,但其后不跟to不定式。D)defence保卫,防护; e.g. in defence of。

55. 答 案C。【参考译文】瑞士以其秀美的山脉自然风光而闻名。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨异题,主要考察这些同义词在不同语言环境中的用法。【详细解答】 scenery(自然)风光。scenery是指某地方的总的自然风光,是集体名词,没有复数形式,也没有冠词,适合本题。 A)view是作“景色”讲的一般用词,指眼睛看到的景色,尤其指从高处往下看到的景色。 B)scene和view近似,但用途较窄,如事故发生的地方;剧中的场景等。D)Nature意思是“大自然”和God一样第一个字母要大写,不用冠 词。Nature强调大自然的威力(nature force)而不强调具体的自然景象。

56. 答 案B。【参考译文】用完这些工具之后,希望你最好把它们收起来。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察动词与副词或介词的搭配及用法。【详细解答】 put away收起来。A)put apart分开;e.g. In former times, people suffering an infectious disease were put apart until they were better.C)put forward意思是 move (sth.) into a position further in front把(某物)移往靠前一点;e.g. Why don't you move your chair forward and have a better view? D)put down放下;记录下来;写下来。根据本题意思,B)put…away为正确答案。

57. 答 案B。【参考译文】一长串车辆等候在交道口直到火车开过去。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析题。【详细解答】 level crossing交道口(铁路与公路相交的地方)。A)crossroad十字路口,指两条路相交的地方;C)bridge桥梁,是另一个概念,不在考虑 之列;D)junction(铁路的)联轨处;交叉点;不合题意。

58. 答 案B。【参考译文】若做好必要的防备措施,到南极旅行是相当安全的。【试题分析】本题为形近词用法辨析题。 A、B形态近似,但语义不同。C、D形体近似,但搭配不同,其意义也不同。【详细解答】 reasonably(=rather)相当地。A)within reason在情理中;C)in doubt感到怀疑;拿不准;这两项均不合题意。D)doubt作名词,不能用在本题。

59. 答 案A。【参考译文】安德森一家还没到,我怀疑他们现在是否会到。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题。主要考察短语的搭配及用法。【详细解答】 turned up(=to arrive or be found, often unexpectedly)到达或被发现,往往带有偶然性。B)turn in转身进入;拐入;B)和C)都不是本题要求,不能入选。D)come in进入(某一个地方);走进去。人在现场才能进入房间或某一地方;如果人不在现场就不存在进不进来的问题。

60. 答 案C。【参考译文】当我征求她的意见时,她沉思了一下,然后告诉我她不去了。【试题分析】本题为难词辨析题,主要考察 ponder一词的用法。【详细解答】 pondered沉思;考虑。A)answer回答;答应。其用法是1)跟名词或代词 , e.g. I cannot answer you now.(我现在不能回答你。)answer不能和名词matter搭配;2)可用于引申意义,表示“回(信),答(卷),对付”等:e.g. You must answer his letter.(你必须给他回信。)B)explain解释;说明。根据题意,explain用在此处不合适,因为在征求某人意见时,他 (她)没有必要对某件事情进行解释,在思考成熟之后,告诉询问人自己的看法。 D)wander漫步,漫游,指行为动作,和本题题意相差太远。

61. 答 案D。【参考译文】他儿子期待开办一个商店。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察语义上的用法。【详细解答】 set up(=cause to start in business or in some other activity)开办;创立;建立。题意:他儿子期待开一个商店。A)reside居住;B)construct建造; construct a reservoir建造一座水库;创立(学说等)。C)eliminate除去,删去。同义词有:banish, abolish, eradicate, erase, exterminate, get rid of, do away with。根据题意A)、B)和C)均不合适。

62. 答 案D。【参考译文】俱乐部会员投票决定取消吸烟禁令。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析搭配题,主要考察语义上的区别。

【词义辨析】 abolish取消;删去;除去。A)refrain和from搭配,refrain from (doing sth.)忍住;抑制;戒除;B)inquire询问;打听;C)recess休息;休假。A)、B)和C)的词义和D)大不相同,都不适用。

63. 答 案A。【参考译文】你父母对你的工作称赞过吗 ?【试题分析】本题为形近词用法辨析,主要考察形同词义不同的辨别能力。

【词义辨析】 [FK)]commend推荐;称赞。注意和commend词形上相同的单词comment评论;批评。B)command命令,指挥;C)consent和to搭配,构成consent to,同意,赞成。B)和C)都不合适,因为command用于指挥人,指挥部队,不能指挥工作。consent和to搭配,构成consent to,同意(某人或某事),不能说同意工作。D)mumble含糊地说话;咕哝。

64. 答 案A。【参考译文】那天上午十点半探险队登上了顶峰。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析,主要考察在语义上的用法。

【词义辨析】 [FK)]summit顶上;最高层。B)main trail主要轨迹,痕迹;C)starting point出发点,出发点也就是始发点,登上山顶是到目的地,是终点,而不是出发点,故不合适。 D)site(工地)地点;场所,虽然可以和动词reach搭配,但逻辑上不成立;因为探险队不会到工地上去探险。

65. 答 案D。【参考译文】我们必须非常准确地在同一时间出发,所以我们对了对手表。【试题分析】本题为词尾形近词用法辨析题。 A项为陪衬选择,其它词结尾近似。【详细解答】 synchronized(使)在时间上一致。A)transfix刺穿;B)stabilize使安定;使巩固;C)temporize拖延,敷衍。

66. 答 案B。【参考译文】有些有权力的人错误利用个人特权,这就严重影响了当前的改革。【试题分析】本题为近义词辨析及搭配题,主要考察习惯用法和搭配。【详细解答】 privileges特权。A)force部队;(武装)力量,如果用在此处,字眼太大,不合适。 C)advantages优势;优越性;长处;是褒义词,利用(某种)优势,应该是 make use of (one's) advantages. D)merits优点和shortcomings相对。

67. 答 案C。【参考译文】星期五之前你一定报名参加这次考试,所以要尽快把钱带到办公室来。【试题分析】本题近义词辨析题。在语法上无正误关系,但在语义和逻辑上有较大区别。【详细解答】 enter for报名参加(比赛或考试等)。参加考试的表达有:take the examination或sit for the examination。A)pass及格,过关,pass the examination是考试及格的意思,所以A)、B)和D)均不是正确答 案。

68. 答 案D。【参考译文】发言人说大多数人都认为政府的经济政策是成功的。【试题分析】本题为词义搭配辨析题,主要考察动词和副词的搭配及用法。【详细解答】 look on(=regard as)。A)look out朝外看;察看,慎重考虑; B)look up向上看;尊敬;仰望;C)look ahead(=to try to see a long way in front of one)尽量向(某人的)前方看。look和介词或副词构成动词短语,有不同的意义和用法。look on除了有regard as的意义之外,还有to watch instead of doing sth.(袖手旁观)之意。

69. 答 案C。【参考译文】人们觉得他缺乏那种把所承担的困难任务进行到底的精神。【试题分析】本题为形近词用法辨析题, A和C为一类,B和D为一类。【详细解答】 commitment承担的责任和义务;承诺(复数)。A)engagement约束;保证;约会;约定。在事先约定做某事,或有约在先,可用此词。 e.g. He has a speaking engagement for next week.(有人约他下星期去做报告。)用在本题不当。B)persuasion说服;说服的话;主张;见解。persuasion从persuade派生出来,意思是劝说(说服)某人做某事; e.g. the method of persuasion and education(说服教育的方法)。D)preservation保存;保管,用于对某些物品的储藏或保管,也不合题义。

70. 答 案D。【参考译文】轮胎爆破后,杰克在驾驶班所学的规程使他渡过了难关。【试题分析】本题为搭配辨析题,主要考察动词和副词的搭配及用法。【详细解答】 carry…through(=to save by supporting sb. during trouble time)使(某人)渡过(困难、危险等)。A)carry away运走;拿走或搬走。B)carry forward发扬;发展;e.g. They carry forward the traditions of the past.(他们发扬以往的传统。 ) C)carry off夺走;抢走。根据题意,D)是正确答 案。

Part Ⅳ

71. 【参考答 案】as后加上a。【详细解答】某一家庭、某一组织或某一群体的成员之一,应该是 as a member of…或者as one member of…,这里应该加上一个不定冠词a。

72. 【参考答 案】able改为capable。【详细解答】 (be) able to (do sth.)相当于can do sth.能够做某事,表示能力; able to后跟to不定式,capable跟介词of+名词或动名词表示“有…本领”。

73. 【参考答 案】it改为them。【详细解答】 them代表groups(复数形式)。如果group是单数,a group,用 it来代它,那就对了。

74. 【参考答 案】everything改为anything。【详细解答】注意 everything和anything的用法区别。everything的意思是“每件事;事事”,一般用在肯定句中。 anything的意思是“什么事(物)”;“任何事(物)”,常用于疑问句、否定句、条件从句中,或与含有疑问、否定意义的词连用。…is capable of anything except intelligent action and realistic thinking.意思是“它(crowd)任何事情都行就是没有明智的行动和现实的思想”。

75. 【参考答 案】Assembling改为Assembled。【详细解答】 assembling现在分词作状语,常常表示正在进行着的动作,叫做伴随状态 (attending circumstances),说明动作正在发生。e.g. Laughing and singing they came into the classroom.他们说着笑着走进了教室。Laughing和singing的动作和动词谓语的动作几乎同时发生。assembled是过去分词,表 示状态,含有被动意味。Assembled in a crowd…相当于一个状语从句:When they are assembled in a crowd,…因此,必须将Assembling改为Assembled。

76. 【参考答 案】chose改为choice。【详细解答】这是一个名词误用的问题,只要认真观察,就不难发现问题。

77. 【参考答 案】that改为where。【详细解答】把 that改为where是因为that在这里起什么作用不明确。它既不是关系代词代替前面 的 point引导句子,也不是作to have的宾语(to have的宾语是any judgement)。where是关系副词,引导一个定语从句修饰point。

78. 【参考答 案】for改为to。【详细解答】这是习惯用法问题。 to be subject to易受…的;常遭…的,所以要把for改为to。

79. 【参考答 案】behave改为behaves。【详细解答】这是一个最普遍的动词时态用法问题。只要细心检查,就不难发现错误。

80. 【参考答 案】does改为dose。【详细解答】这是一个相形字区别的问题,记单词不仅记其意,而且要记其形。

Part Ⅴ


这是一篇议论文,议论文通常由论点、论据、结论构成。本篇作文要求考生要说明下岗人员再就业是一个严肃的社会问题,是目前的社会热点,并根据 这一现象挖掘出产生这一问题的经济原因和社会原因,在此基础上提出解决问题的方针、方法来解决这一热点和难点,从而得出正确的结论。文章的第一段论述许多人下岗是一个社会现象,这些人员正面临着一个严肃问题——再就业。第二段论述产生大量人员下岗的社会和经济原因。文章的第三段提出解决这一热点的方针和方法:即转变就业观念,创造良好的社会环境,争取最后胜利。这种三段式的议论文写作要注意首尾呼应,段与段之间的紧密衔接,一环扣一环。

Sample Writing

Rechoice of Professions—A Social Problem

Nowadays more and more persons are out of work. They are called laid off personnel. They are now confronted with the difficulty of rechoice of professions. People may doubt why there are so many persons becoming unemployed. Will they be able to be employed again? How will they adapt themselves to the changed social environment? Is it necessary for them to alter their views of obtaining employment? To solve all these problems, we should help them have a clear understanding of the present situation, change their views of rechoice of professions, build up a firm confidence in obtaining employment again.

China's economy has grown rapidly in the past decades since the adoption of the policy of reforms and opening to the outside world. Investment from abroad has taken root in China's economy. Hightechnology has been applied in various fields and great changes have taken place in China's socialist economic structure. This is a law of economic development. It is admitted that the development of economy will eventually bring about a high rate of unemployment — a serious social problem.

The problem is not why they are out of jobs, but how to help them overcome difficulties and find jobs again as soon as possible. First, the government should create more opportunities for them to be employed. Second, they should change their views of choice of work. The idea that only working in governmental offices or in big factories can be regarded as a success of being employed must be changed. Third, to be willing to do hard work, dirty work and even the work that others are reluctant to do. In a word, all of us are obliged to express our concern, love and support for them and help them get over their difficulties to win success.

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