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26.O vigorous

27.I phenomenon

28.E effectively

29.G involved

30.M solution

31.D cycling

32.C control

33. J preventing

34. N sufficient

35. F increased


As if you needed another reason to hate the gym, it now turns out that exercise can exhaust not only your muscles, but also your eyes. Fear not, however, for coffee can perk them right up again. During vigorous exercise, our muscles tire as they run out of fuel and build up waste products. Muscle performance can also be affected by a phenomenon called "central fatigue," in which an imbalance in the body's chemical messengers prevents the central nervous system from directing muscle movements effectively. It was not known, however, whether central fatigue might also affect motor systems not directly involved in the exercise itself—such as those that move the eyes. To find out, researchers gave 11 volunteers a carbohydrate solution either with a moderate dose of caffeine—which is known to stimulate the central nervous system—or as a placebo without, during 3 hours of cycling. After exercising, the scientists tested the cyclists with eye-tracking cameras to see how well their brains could still control their visual system. The team found that exercise reduced the speed of rapid eye movements by about 8%, preventing their ability to capture new visual information. The caffeine—the equivalent of two strong cups of coffee—was sufficient to counteract this effect, with some cyclists even displaying increased eye movement speeds, the team reports today in Scientific Reports. So it might be a good idea to get someone else to drive you home after that marathon.


26. 本题是在文中的第三句话中出现,根据该句的语法结构,发现26题所在处的单词词性应为形容词,修饰exercise,联系上文中提到“锻炼可以消耗身体中的肌肉”,由此得知本句的意思为经过大量锻炼后,我们的肌肉变得疲惫,因此此处应填入“vigorous”表示“剧烈的运动”。

27. 本题是在a和called “central fatigue”中间出现,根据语法结构,可以得出此处应填入的单词词性为名词,后面的called “central fatigue”做后置定语修饰限定前面的名词,然后根据本句意思“肌肉的表现也会被一种称之为”中枢疲劳“的_____所影响”;根据所给出的全部名词,选出正确答案为I phenomenon现象一词。

28. 本题位于句子最后,根据语法结构可以判断出本题要填入的词汇的词性为副词,因此根据该句意思“人体内化学信使的失调会使中枢神经系统无法______指导肌肉运动”,此处应填入的副词为E effectively 有效地。

29. 本题位于名词motor system(运动系统)之后,且空格前有directly副词的修饰,由此确定该处单词的词性应为动词,但由于本句已有谓语动词affect,因此此处应填入非谓语动词,限定修饰前面的名词motor system;根据文中意思,可以确定此处的单词应为G involved 参与,即“不直接参与锻炼的运动系统——例如眼部运动”。

30. 本题前面有不定冠词a,由此判断此处应为名词,根据后面“either with a moderate dose(适度剂量) of caffeine”可以得知此处应该是研究人员给11位志愿者一种溶液。因此,本题应选M solution.

31. 本题应结合下文进行分析,首先根据题目所在位置可判断此处的词性为名词类词汇(包括动名词);下文中提到科学家测试骑自行车的人(cyclist),由此可得知前面应该是这些人所做的运动应为骑自行车,因此,本题选择D cycling (骑自行车)。

32. 本题所在部分的意思为“大脑如何_____视觉系统”,此处需要填入的单词词性为动词,根据常识,可以得知大脑控制视觉系统,因此此处选择C control (控制)。

33. 根据语法结构可得出本题所在部分为句子的状语成分,因此需要填入的单词词性为非谓语动词,根据文章逻辑,得出“锻炼使快速眼动速度降低8%左右,_____他们捕捉新的视觉信息的能力”,此处应为降低/组织捕捉新的视觉信息的能力,因此此处选择J preventing(阻止)。

34. 本题考查词组搭配be ______ to,根据文章的逻辑,上文第二句话中提到“不用害怕,咖啡可以使眼睛快速恢复”,由此,可以推出此句的意思为“咖啡因足够消除这种影响,一些骑自行车的志愿者甚至眼动速度增加。”因此,此题选择 N sufficient (足够的;充分的)。

35. 根据上题的分析,可以快速选出此题的答案为 F increased(增加)。



26.I 27.N 28.M 29.C 30.O 31.J 32.E 33.L 34.K 35.G


A) Arrived [v-ed] 到达

B) Consuming [v-ing] 消费

C) Direct [adj.] 直接的

D) Exclusively [adv.] 排外地

E) Including [prep.] 包括

F) Inform [v.] 通知

G) Raw [adj.] 未加工的

H) Reached [v-ed] 达到

I) Relatively [adv.] 相对地

J) Remains [v.] 保留 [n.] 剩余物

K) Resources [n.] 资源

L) Staple [adj.] 主要的

M) Suggest [v.] 建议

N) Surprising [adj.] 令人惊讶的

O) Test [v.] 测试 / [n.] 测试

26.I 由空格前的a和空格后的recent,可以判定空格处缺副词,所以在D和I里面选择,根据语义,应该选I,relatively。

27.N 由空格后的ingredient,可以判定空格前缺形容词,根据语义,选N,surprising。

28.M 由空着前的container和空格后的they,可以判定空格处缺谓语动词,根据语义,选M,suggest。

29.C 由空格前的earliest和空格后的evidence,可以判定空格处缺形容词,根据语义,选C,direct。

30.O 由空格前的to和空格后的that,可以判定空格处缺动词原形,根据空格后的的hypnosis,选O,test,意为“为了验证这个假设”

31.J 由空格前的dried可以判定空格处缺名词,根据语义,选J,remains(剩余物/沉淀物)

32.E 由空格前的about 10% were bits of roots,以及空格后的lily,可以判定选E,including

33.L 由空格前的a和空格后的food,可以判定空格处缺形容词,根据语义,选L,staple

34.A 由空格前的may have和空格后的in the region可以判定空格处缺Ved,根据语义,选A,arrived

35.G 由空格前的but as和空格后的material可以判定选项词为形容词,根据意义,选G,raw。


Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)

Section A

Directions: In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

The method for making beer has changed over time. Hops (啤酒花), for example, which give many a modern beer its bitter flavor, are a- 26 recent addition to the beverage. This was mentioned in reference to brewing in the ninth century. Now, researchers have found a--- 27 ingredient in residue (残留物) from 5000-year-old beer brewing equipment. While excavating two pits at a site in the central plains of China, scientists discovered fragments from pots and ve__ . The different shapes of the containers 28they were used to brew, filter, and store beer. They --may be ancient “beer-making tools,” and the earliest 29evidence of beer brewing in China, the researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. To 30that hypothesis, the team examined the yellowish, dried 31 inside the vessels. The majority of the grains, about 80%, were from cereal crops like barley (大麦), and about 10% were bits of roots, 32 lily, would have made the beer sweeter, the scientists say. Barley was an unexpected find: the crop was domesticated in Western Eurasia and didn’t become a 33food in central China until about 2000 years ago, according to the researchers. Based on that timing, they indicate barley may have 34in the region not as food, but as35material for beer brewing.


36 [H] 题干:Successful team leaders know exactly where the team should go and are able to take promptaction.

37 [D] 题干:Decentralisation of authority was also found to be more effective in military operations.

38 [B] 题干:In many companies,the conventional form of organisation is giving way to a network of teams.

39 [J] 题干:Members of poorly managed teams are easily distracted from their work.

40 [G] 题干:Teamwork is most effective when team members share the same culture.

41 [A] 题干:According to a report by Deloitte, teamwork is becoming increasingly popular among companies.

42 [F] 题干:Some team members find it hard to agree on questions like membership and the team's purpose.

43 [E] 题干:Some scholars think teamwork may not always be reliable, despite its potential to work wonders.

44 [I] 题干:To ensure employee's commitment,it is advisable to give them more flexibility as to where and how they work.

45 [C] 题干: Product transitions take much less time now than in the past.

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