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Section B

Passage 1

When facing a new situation, some people tend to rehearse their defeat by spending too much time anticipating the worst. I remember talking with a young lawyer who was about to begin her first jury trial. She was very nervous. I asked what impression she wanted to make on the jury. She replied:” I don’t want to look too inexperienced, I don’t want them to suspect this is my first trial.” This lawyer had fallen victims to the don’ts syndrome—a form of negative goals setting. The don’ts can be self-fulfilling because your mind response to pictures.

Research conducted at Stanford University shows a mental image fires the nerve system the same way as actually doing something. That means when a golfer tells himself: ”Don’t hit the ball into the water.” His mind sees the image of the ball flying into the water. So guess where the ball will go?

Consequently, before going into any stressful situation, focus only on what you want to have happen. I asked the lawyer again how she wanted to appear at her first trial. And this time she said: ”I want to look professional and self-assured. ” I told her to create a picture of what self-assured would look like. To her, it meant moving confidently around the court room, using convincing body language and projecting her voice, so it could be heard from the judge’s bench to the back door. She also imagined a skillful closing argument and a winning trial. A few weeks after this positive stress(不确定)rehearsal, the young lawyer did win.

Q9: what do some people do when they face a new situation?

Q10: what does the research conducted at Stanford University show?

Q11: what advice does the speaker give to people in a stressful situation?

Q12: what do we learn about the lawyer in the court?

Passage 2


Most Americans don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables or whole grains, researchers now says adding fiber to teen diet may help lower the risk of breast cancer.

Conversations about the benefits of fiber are probably more common in nursing homes than high schools. But along comes a new study that could change that. Kristi King,a diet specialist at Texas Children's Hospital finds it's hard to get teenager patients’ attention about healthy eating but telling them that eating lots of high-fiber foods could reduce the risk of breast cancer before middle age. That's a powerful message.

The new finding is based on a study of 44,000 women. They were surveyed about their diets during high school, and their eating habits were tracked for two decades. It turns out that those who consumed the highest levels of fiber during adolescence had a lower risk of developing breast cancer, compared to the women who ate the least fiber. This important study demonstrates that the more fiber you eat during your high school years, the lower your risk is in developing breast cancer in later life.

The finding points to long-standing evidence that fiber may reduce circulating female hormone levels, which could explain the reduced risk. The bottom line here is the more fiber you eat, perhaps, a lower level of hormone in your body, and therefore, a lower lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. High-fiber diets are also linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. That's why women are told to eat 25 grams a fiber a day - men even more.

Q13. What does the new study tell about adding fiber to the teen diet?

Q14. What do we learn about the survey of the 44,000 women?

Q15. What explanation does the speaker offer for the research finding?

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