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M: Do you feel like going out tonight?

W: yeah, why not? We haven’t been out for ages! What’s on?

M: Well, there is a film about climate change. Dose it sound good to you?

W: Oh, not really. It doesn’t really appeal to me. What’s it about? Just climate change?

M: I think it’s about how climate change affects everyday life. I wonder how they make it entertaining.

W: Well, it sounds really awful. It’s an important subject, I agree. But I’m not in the mood for anything depressing. What else is on?

M: There’s a Spanish dance festival.

W: Oh, I love dance. That sounds really interesting.

M: apparently, it’s absolutely brilliant. Let’s see what it says in the paper. Anna Gomez leads in an exciting production of a great Spanish love story, Carmen.

W: Okay then, what time is it on?

M: at 7:30

W: well, that’s no good. We haven’t got enough time to get there. Is there anything else?

M: There’s a comedy special on.

W: where is it on?

M: It’s at the city theater. It’s a charity comedy night with lots of different acts. It looks pretty good. The credit in the local paper says it’s the funniest things he’s ever seen. It says here Roger white head is an amazing host to a night a fun performances.

W: Hummm, I’m not keen on him. He is not very funny.

M: Are you sure you fancy going out tonight? You are not very enthusiastic.

W: Perhaps you are right. Okay, let’s go see the dance. But tomorrow, not tonight.

M: Great, I’ll book the tickets online.

Q8: What dose the woman think about climate change?

Q9: Why do the speakers give up going to the Spanish dance festival tonight?

Q10: What dose the credit says about the comedy performed in the city theater?

Q11: What does the woman decide to do tomorrow?

W: Good morning Mr. Lee, may I have a manage of your time?

M: Sure, Catherine. What can I do for you?

W: I’m quite anxious about transferring over to your college. I’m afraid I won’t fit in.

M: Don’t worry, Catherine. It’s completely normal for you to be nervous about transferring schools. This happens to many transfer students.

W: Yes, I know, but I’m younger than most students in my year and that worries me a lot.

M: Well, you may be the only younger one in your year, but you know we have a lot of afterschool activities you can join in, and so this way, you’ll be able to meet new friends of different age groups.

W: That’s nice! I love games and hobby groups.

M: I’m sure you do. So you will be just fine. Don’t worry so much and try to make the most of what we have on offer here. Also, remember you can come to me any time of the day if you need help. W: Thanks so much. I definitely feel better now. As a matter of fact, I’ve already contacted one of the girls who’s been living in the same house with me, and she seems really nice. I guess living on campus, I’ll have a chance to have a close circle of friends since we’ll be living together.

M: All students are very friendly with new arrivals. Let me check who would be living with you in your flat. Okay, there hare Hannah, Kelly and Bree. Bree is also a new student here like you. I’m sure you two will have more to share with each other.

Q12: Why does Catherine feel anxious?

Q13: What does Mr. Lee encourage Catherine to do?

Q14: What does Mr. Lee promise to do for Catherine?

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