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Section A

26. E) constructed

27. O) undertaken

28. F) consulted

29. C) collection

30. N) scale

31. I) eventually

32. K) necessarily

33. L) production

34. A) cheaper

35. J) height

Section B

36. K)A 20-year-old junior at Georgia Southern University told BuzzFeed News that she normally…

37. D)“When we talk about the access code we see it as the new face of the textbook monopoly(垄断), a new way to lock students around this system,”…

38. M)Harper, a poultry(家禽)science major, is taking chemistry again this year and had to buy a new access code to hand in her homework…

39. G)The access codes may be another financial headache for students, but for textbook businesses, they’re the future…

40. B)The codes—which typically range in price from $80 to $155 per course—give students online access to systems developed by education companies like McGraw Hill and Pearson…

41. L)Benjamin Wolverton, a 19-year-old student at the University of South Carolina, told BuzzFeed News that…

42. H)A Pearson spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that “digital materials are less expensive and a good investment” that offer new features,…

43. F)She decided to wait for her next work-study paycheck, which was typically $150-$200, to pay for the code…

44. J)David Hunt, an associate professor in sociology at Augusta University, which has rolled out digital textbooks across its math and psychology departments,…

45. C)But critics say the digital access codes represent the same profit-seeking ethos(观念) of the textbook business, and are even harder for students to opt out of…

Section C

Passage One

开头英语为:Losing your ability

46. A) Not all of them are symptoms of dementia.


There are pretty clear differences between signs of dementia and age-related memory loss.

47. C) Communication within our brain weakens.


Changes in brain cells can affect communication between different regions of the brain.

48. A) Totally forgetting how to do one's daily routines.


Forgetting how to operate a familiar object like a microwave oven, or forgetting how to drive to the house of a friend you’ve visited many times before can also be signs of something going wrong.

49. C) Turn to a professional for assistance.


Daffner suggests going to your doctor to check on medications, health problems and other issues that could be affecting memory.

50. D) Staying active both physically and mentally.


And the best defense against memory loss is to try to prevent by building up your brain's cognitive reserve.

In other words, keep your brain busy and working. And also get physically active, because exercise is a known brain booster.

Passage Two

文章开头是A letter

51. What happened to Darwin's letter in the 1970s?

B) It was stolen more than once.

答案出处:“We realized in the mid-1970s that it was missing,”…. likely taken by an intern (实习生)”… “The intern likely took the letter again once nobody was watching it.”

52. What did the FBI do after the recovery of the letter?

A) They proved its authenticity.

答案出处:Their art crime team recovered the letter but were unable to press charges because the time of limitations had ended. The FBI worked closely with the Archives to determine that the letter was both authentic and definitely Smithsonian’s property.

53. What is Darwin's letter about?

D) His acknowledgement for help from a professional.

答案出处:The letter was written by Darwin to thank an American geologist, Dr. Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, for sending him copies of his research into the geology of the region that would become Yellowstone National Park.

54. What will the Smithsonian Institution Archives do with the letter according to Kapsalis?

D) Make it available online.


After it is repaired, we will take digital photos of it and that will be available online.

55. What has the past half century witnessed according to Kapsalis?

B) Radical changes in archiving practices.


…“Archiving practices have changed greatly since the 1970s,”says Kapsalis, “and we keep our high value documents in a safe…”

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