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Section A

1. D) It can benefit professionals and non-professionals alike.

2. A) Storiesabout some female physicists.

3. B) Byincluding lots of fascinating knowledge.

4. C)It provides experiments they can do themselves.

5. A) He has noidea how to proceed with his dissertation.

6. C) It is tooabroad.

7. D) Nature.

8. B) Stick tothe topic assigned.

Section B

9.A) The unprecedented high temperature inGreenland.

10. B) Ittypically appears about once every ten years.

11. C) Icelesssummers in the Arctic.

12. D) A strongdetermination.

13. C) It ismost important to have confidence in one’s willpower.

14. D) Theycould keep working longer.

15. D) They arepart of their nature.

Section C

16. D) Abouthalf of current jobs might be automated.

17. A) Theycould grade high-school essays just like human teachers.

18. B) It hasto rely on huge amounts of previous data.

19. C) Thetheoretical aspects of sustainable energy.

20. D) Drivetrains with solar energy.

21. C) Find anew material for storing energy.

22. B) The poorrelation between national health and social care services.

23. A) It was mainly provided by voluntary services.

24. B) Their preference for private services.

25. C) They have long been discriminated against.



Just off the coast of Southern California……

26-30 F B L H D

31-35 A M K E G

26. F) dwells

27. B) chaos

28. L) predators

29. H) fierce

30. D) declared

31. A) aggressive

32. M) remove

33. K) monitoring

34. E) dedicated

35. G) extinction


Do Parents Invade children’s Privacy When They Post Photos Online?

36-40 H M N E B

41-45 A J L G D


Passage One—Perhaps it is time……

46-50 B A C D A

46. B) Enjoy more leisure hours.

47. A) Take up many of the farmers’ routines.

48. C) Allow farmers to learn instantly what isoccurring on the farm.

49. D) Labor shortage is worsening.

50. A) More and more automated.

Passage Two—The public……

51-55 D B A C D

51. D) Common folks’ scientific knowledge can sway policy making.

52. B) Acquire a basic understanding of medical science.

53. A) It helps them to effectively popularize new scientific information.

54. C) It may give inaccurate or distortedinformation to the public.

55. D) Improve their communication skills.


In recent years, more and more museums in Chinaare open to the public free of charge. The number of exhibitions and visitorsto the museum has increased significantly. Long queues are commonplace in frontof some popular museums. These museums have to take measures to limit thenumber of visitors.

Nowadays, exhibition forms are more and morediverse. Some large museums adopt advanced technologies such as multimedia andvirtual reality to make exhibitions more attractive. Many museums also stageonline exhibitions, where people can appreciate rare exhibits. However, theexperience of seeing the exhibits on site is more attractive to most visitors.


How to balance academic study and extracurricular activities

Recently, the topic of the balance between academic studies and extracurricular activities has been brought to public attention. We can find many examples easily: students’ study load makes them out of breath and leaves them no time for leisure.

If this situation continues to worsen, young people’s physical and mental status raises the alarm. Thus, it’s urgent to strike a good balance between study and rest/personal hobbies. For one thing, too much academic work gives rise to immunity deterioration, which causes many health problems. For another, free time/constructive pastime helps us live in a positive cycle.

Therefore, what we should do is to find enough time to develop our hobbies by finishing the homework on time and attending some beneficial activities off school. For example, regular exercise is a recommendable extracurricular activity to get relaxed.

By doing exercises your body can produce a hormone that makes you recover from exhaustion. What’s more, you can transfer your focus from busy study by attending a reading seminar , thereby getting your intense nerves calm down.”



Section A

1. C) Take a picture of him.

2. A) Gaining great fame on the Internet.

3. B) Editing his pictures and posting them online.

4. A) They are far from satisfactory.

5. A) A series of interviews with outstanding physicists

6. B) The origin of the universe.

7. D) Why there is a universe at all.

8. C) the universe formed due to a sufficient amount of matter.

Section B

9. B) she woke up speaking with a different accent.

10. A) It is usually caused by a stroke or brain injury

11. C) Russian

12. D) Books about swimming.

13. B) She published a guide to London’s best swimming spots.

14. C) They were prohibited from swimming.

15. C) She was the first woman to swim across the English Channel.

Section C

16. A) Build a machine that can detect lies.

17. B) They are skeptical of its reliability.

18. A) It is not to be trusted at all.

19. C) Each village there speaks a totally different language.

20. C) More are found in tropical regions than in the mild zones.

21.D) There is no conclusive account for the cause of language diversity.

22 .A) Its middle-class is disappearing.

23. B) They could realize their dreams though hard work.

24. D) Full employment.

25. C) Hire part-time employees only.



Surfing the Internet开头

26-30 F C A E M 31-35 K O N H L

26. F) grasp

27. C) evaluated

28. A) aptitude

29. E) filtering

30. M) significant

31. K) raising

32. O) typical

33. N) suffer

34. H) minimize

35. L) resist


标题:A Pioneering Woman of Science Re-Emerges After 300 Years

36-40 K I E M G 41-45 O C L F D


Passage One—while human achievements

46-50 CBBAA

46. C) They find high-level math of little use.

47. B) Math professors are not doing a good job.

48. B) Enable students to make practical use of basic math.

49. A) Make complex concepts easy to understand.

50. A) To enable learners to understand the world better.

Passage Two—For years, the U.S. has experienced a shortage

51-55 BCDAC

51. B) It takes the lead in providing robotic care.

52. C) It does not have much direct contact with patients.

53. D) Facilitate communication between patients and doctors or family members.

54. A) It interacts with patients just like a human companion.

55. C) Robotics will not make nurses redundant.


More and more attention has been paid to public libraries in China, and people are encouraged to make full use of them. Recent statistics show that the number of public libraries in China is increasing year by year. Many libraries have created a quieter and more comfortable environment for readers through renovation and expansion.

The large-scale public libraries not only provide a wide range of reference materials, but also regularly organize lectures, exhibitions and so on. In recent years, many digital libraries have also emerged, thus saving the space needed to store books. Some libraries have also introduced self-service systems, which make it more convenient for readers to borrow and return books and further meet the needs of readers.


How to balance job responsibilities and personal interests

Recently, the topic of the balance between work and leisure/hobby has been brought to public attention. We can find many examples easily: modern people’s workload makes people out of breath and leaves them no time for leisure/their interest.

If this situation continues to worsen, their physical and mental status raises the alarm. Thus, it’s urgent to strike a good balance between working duties and rest/personal hobbies. For one thing, too much work gives rise to immunity deterioration, which causes many health problems. For another, free time/constructive pastime helps us live in a positive cycle.

Therefore, what we should do is to find enough time to rest/develop our hobbies by finishing the task on time and arranging some beneficial activities off work. For example, regular exercise is a recommendable way to get relaxed. By doing exercises your body can produce a hormone that makes you recover from exhaustion. What’s more, you can transfer your focus from busy job by reading an interesting book or listening to a favorite song, thereby getting your intense nerves calm down.”




In what‘s probably开头

26-30 A) I) F) J) B) 31-35 G) K) M) D) E)

26. A) advances

27. I) otherwise

28. F) devising

29. J) predators

30. B) boundaries

31. G) elsewhere

32. K) primarily

33. M) spotted

34. D) currently

35. E) determine


标题: Resilience is about how you recharge, not how you endure

36-40 DJLAE 41-45 KIBGC


Passage One—Children with attention problems 开头

46-50 BADAD

46. B) The predictors of children’s academic success.

47. A) By attaching equal importance to all possible variables examined.

48. D) Children’s academic performance may suffer from even slight inattention.

49. A) They do better academically.

50. D) An all-round approach should be adopted in school education.

Passage Two—On Jan.9, 2007开头

51-55 CDBAB

51. C) It is not so obvious but has caused some concern.

52. D) It greatly improves research on human behavior.

53. B) It relies on lab observations and participants’ report.

54. A) By helping them pin down their unusual behaviors.

55. B) They are increasingly focused on real-life situations.


In recent years, the Chinese government has further increased the investment in the construction of stadiums. To better meet people's fast-growing fitness needs, many cities have also taken measures to transform old factories and commercial buildings to local stadiums in addition to new stadiums.

With government funding, more and more stadiums are open to the public for free, or for a small fee. Many gymnasiums have greatly improved their service by applying modern information technology. People can easily book venues and make payment online. It can be predicted that with the continuous improvement of sports facilities, more and more people will go to the gym for fitness.


How to Keep a Balance Between Work and Leisure Time

Employment is not an easy task, and career, money and promotion are always top priorities. However, despite the high level of work pressure, it is necessary to keep a balance between work and leisure time. The following are some suggestions.

In the first place, we should arrange our working hours reasonably and leave some time for relaxation, which in turn helps us improve our work efficiency and finish the work in time. Secondly, enrich our leisure time, such as taking part in community activities, fostering interests and doing exercise. All of these are beneficial for us to relieve work stress and develop a positive attitude toward our work and life.

As we all know, work fills a large part of your life, and a person who is completely surrounded by work will miss the wonderful moments in his life. Therefore, it’s important to learn to strike a balance between work and spare time.

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