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The Biology of Music

Humans use music as a powerful way to communicate.It may also play an important role in love.But what is music,and how does itwork its magic?Science does not yet have all the answers.

What are two things that make humans differentfrom animals?One is language,and the other is music.It is true that someanimals can sing (and many birds sing better than a lot of people). However,the songs of animals,such as birds and whales,are very limited.It is alsotrue that humans,not animals,have developed musical instruments.1

Music is strange stuff.It is clearly differentfrom language.However,people can use music to communicate things — especiallytheir emotions.When music is combined with speech in a song,it is a verypowerful form of communication.But,biologically speaking,what is music?

If music is truly different from speech,then weshould process music and language in different parts of the brain.Thescientific evidence suggests that this is true.

Sometimes people who suffer brain damage losetheir ability to process language.However,they don't automatically lose theirmusical abilities.For example,Vissarion Shebalin,a Russian composer,had a stroke in 1953.It injuredthe left side of his brain.He could no longer speak or understand speech.Hecould,however,still compose music until his death ten years later.On theother hand,sometimesstrokes cause people to lose their musical ability,but they can still speakand understand speech.This shows that the brain processes music and languageseparately.

By studying the physical effects of music on thebody,scientistshave also learned a lot about how music influences the emotions.But why doesmusic have such a strong effect on us?That is a harder question to answer.Geoffrey Miller,a researcher at University College,London,thinks that musicand love have a strong connection.Music requires special talent,practice,andphysical ability.That's why it may be a way of showing your fitness to besomeone's mate.For example,singing in tune or playing a musical instrument requiresfine muscular control.You also need a good memory to remember the notes.Andplaying or singing those notes correctly suggests that your hearing is inexcellent condition.Finally,when a man sings to the woman he loves (or viceversa),it may be away of showing off.

However,Miller's theory still doesn't explain whycertain combinations of sounds influence our emotions so deeply.For scientists,this is clearly an area that needsfurther research.


1.Humans,but not animals,can sing.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

2.People can use music to communicate their emotions.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

3.We use the same part of the brain for music and language.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

4.Geoffery Miler has done research on music and emotions.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

5.It's hard for humans to compose music.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

6.Memory is not an important part in singing in tune.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

7.Scientistsdoes not know all the answers about the effects of music on humans.

A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned


1.B 第二段的第三句:It is true that some animals can sing (and many birds sing betterthan a lot of people).可以看出有些动物会唱歌,而不只人类会唱歌.

2.A 第三段的第三句:However,people can use music to communicate things — especiallytheir emotions.这句清楚表明,人们可以用音乐来表达情感.

3.B 第四段说明:科学证明人们用大脑的不同区域处理语言和音乐.在第五段,作者用Vissarion Shebalin的例子进一步说明人脑处理语言和音乐的位置不同,Shebalin中风以后不能讲话也听不懂别人的话,但他却能创作乐曲.

4.A 第六段的第四句:Geoffrey Miller,a researcher at University College,London,thinks that music and love have astrong connection.这句说明Miller对音乐和爱(情感)的关系进行了研究,他得出的结论是:音乐和爱有密切的关联.

5.C 文中没有提及创作乐曲是否困难.

6.B 第六段有一句:You also need a good memory to remember the notes.此句说明必须具备好的记忆力记音符才能唱得符合调子.

7.A 最后一段讲的是:科学家们需要做更多的研究才能解释为什么有些声音影响我们的情感会如此之深.也就是说,科学家不能全部解释音乐对人类的影响.

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