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Bored of using a mouse?Soon you'll be able to change stuff on your computer screen – and then move it directly onto your smart phone or tablet(平板电脑) –with nothing more than a glance.

A system called Eye Drop uses a head-mounted eye tracker that simultaneously records your field of view so it knows where you are looking on the screen.Gazing at an object – a photo,say – and then pressing a key,selects that object.It can then be moved from the screen to a tablet or smart phone just by glancing at the second device,as long as the two are connected wirelessly.

"The beauty of using gaze to support this is that our eyes naturally focus on content that we want to acquire,"says Jayson Turner,who developed the system with colleagues at Lancaster University,UK.

Turner believes Eye Drop would be useful to transfer an interactive map or contact information from a public display to your smart phone or for sharing photos.

A button needs to be used to select the object you are looking at otherwise you end up with the "Midastouch"(点石成金) effect,whereby everything you look at gets selected by your gaze,says Turner."Imagine if your mouse clicked on everything it pointed at," he says.

Christian Holz,a researcher inhuman-computer interaction at Yahoo Labs in Sunnyvale,California,says the system is a nice take on getting round this fundamental problem of using gaze-tracking to interact."Eye Drop solves this in a slick (灵巧的)way by combining it with input on the touch devices we carry with us most of the time anyway and using touch input as a clutching mechanism," he says."This now allows users to seamlessly(无缝地) interact across devices far and close in a very natural manner."

While current eye-trackers are rather bulky,mainstream consumer devices are not too far away.Swedish firm Tobii is developing gaze-tracking technology that can be installed in laptops and tablets and is expected to be available to buy next year.And the Google Glass headset is expected to include eye-tracking in the future.

Turner says he has also looked at how content can be cut and pasted or drag-and-dropped using a mix of gaze and taps on a touch screen.The system was presented at the Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia in Sweden,last week.

41.The eye-tracker technology enables us to______

A.change our computer screen.

B.focus on anything that interests us.

C.get a smart phone connected wirelessly.

D.move an object from screen with a glance.

42.Why is a button needed?

A.To minimize the cost of Eye Drop.

B.To choose as many objects as possible.

C.To make Eye Drop different from others.

D.To select what we want.

43.The word "this" in Paragraph 6 refers to_______

A.application of gaze-tracking inhuman-computer interaction.

B.interaction between human and computer.

C.combination of gaze-tracking with input on touch devices.

D.generalization of Eye Drop system.

44.Which of the following statement is true of eye-trackers for consumer use?

A.They are costly.

B.They are available.

C.They are installed in Google Glass headset.

D.They are expected to come out soon.

45.What is Turner likely to study next?

A.How to drag and drop with gaze and taps.

B.How to present the system in public.

C.How to get touch screen involved.

D.How to cut and paste content from a public display.


41.A.change our computer screen.

42.C.To make Eye Drop different from others.

43.D.generalization of Eye Drop system.

44.D.They are expected to come out soon.

45.D.How to cut and paste content from a public display.

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