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A new examination of urban policies has been carried out recently by Patricia Romero Lankao.She is a sociologist specializing in climate change and 51 development.She warns that many of the world's fast-growing urban areas,especially in developing countries.will likely suffer from the 52 of changing climate.Her work also concludes that most cities are failing to 53 emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.These gases are known to affect the atmosphere.

"Climate change is a deeply local issue and poses profound 54 to the growing cities of the world," says Romero Lankao. "But too few cities are developing effective strategies to protect their residents."

Cities are 55 sources of greenhouse gases.And urban populations are likely to be among those most severely affected by future climate change. Lankao's findings highlight ways in which city-residents are particularly vulnerable,and suggest policy interventions that could offer immediate and longer-term 56 .

The locations and dense construction patterns of cities often place their populations at greater 57 for natural disasters. Potential threats associated with climate include storm surges and prolonged hot weather. Storm surges can flood coastal areas and prolonged hot weather can heat 58 paved cities more than surrounding areas.The impacts of such natural events can be more 59 in an urban environment.For example,a prolonged heat wave can increase existing levels of air pollution,causing widespread health problems.Poorer neighborhoods that may 60 basic facilities such as drinking water or a dependable network of roads,are especially vulnerable to natural disasters.Many residents in poorer countries live in substandard housing 61 access to reliable drinking water,roads and basic services.

Local governments,therefore,should take measures to 62 their residents."Unfortunately,they tend to move towards rhetoric 63 meaningful responses,Romero Lankao writes," They don't impose construction standards that could reduce heating and air conditioning 64 . They don't emphasize mass transit and reduce automobile use. In fact,many local governments are taking a hands-off approach." 65, she urges them to change their idle policies and to take strong steps to prevent the harmful effects of climate change on cities.

51.A urban B industrial C economic D rural

52.A occasions B impacts C routines D connections

53.A reduce B increase C study D measure

54.A threats B interests C implications D differences

55.A major B repeatable C doubeful D useful

56.A signs B benefits C chances D planes

57.A cost B mornent C risk D speed

58.A locally B heavily C suddenly D mildly

59.A standard B meaningful C serious D friendly

60.A provide B lack C update D improve

61.A with B without C in D on

62.A identify B educate C protect D evaluate

63.A less than B rather than C more than D better than

64.A needs B wastes C areas D resources

65.A Still B However C Moreover D Thus


51 A 52 D 53 A 54 B 55 D

56 A 57 C 58 D 59 B 60 A

61 B 62 C 63 D 64 A 65 C

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