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Sony's Vision For The Future

As the television,communications and telecommunications industries emerge,compatibility (兼容性) becomes a big issue for consumers. I think we should maintain open and compatible standards and create features particular to Sony,in other words,the system should be open but the services could be distinctive —— like restaurants. The menus may be alike but the services are different.

Being president of Sony Corporation,I am often asked by this question:With digital cameras and digital camcorders (摄像机),what will be the future of digital imaging?

In 1997,optimists see non-traditi0nal cameras ~ digital cameras achieving sales of one million units in Japan. We are selling a new digital camera. Even though the price is quite high,it is selling well. And laser and ink-jet printers have improved greatly for printing colour pictures. But traditional pictures are still more popular than those from today's electronic cameras. Because of that,traditional cameras and digital cameras will co-exist for a long time.

If you want me to sum up Sony's vision for the next few years,all I can say is that there will be a big change. We can run our business at Sony based on today's technologies ~ which means the digitalisation of audio and video. But beyond 2000,there will be a big change and we should be prepared. This will be the network environment. So we are preparing for a big change in technologies and for a change in the way of thinking as well.

We celebrate our 50~ anniversary this year (1997),and this coincides (与……一致) with what I call the transistor cycle,which has also lasted fifty years. Since we started using transistors in radios,the electronic industry has undergone a big evolution. But a new technology wave started with the invention of the microprocessor,about 14 or 15 years ago. My theory is that each business cycle lasts 50 years,with one cycle overlapping (重叠) another. The information age started 15 years ago with microprocessors and for another 10 years it will be in the takeoff stage. Like an airport,a 747 approaching the end of the runway is still gathering speed. So for information technology,for another five to seven years there will not be so much change,only increasing speed. But after that you fly. What that will mean,I cannot foresee. I'm just preparing for the takeoff stage while I'm president. The job of the next generation will be more important. I'm just in-between.

31 Why does the president of Sony Corporation mention restaurants in the first paragraph?

A To praise Japanese restaurants for offering good services.

B To explain that Japanese restaurants are distinctive.

C To explain what has just been said.

D To emphasize that restaurants are all alike.

32 What is the president's view on digital cameras and traditional ones?

A Digital cameras will be cheaper than traditional ones in the near future.

B Digital cameras and traditional cameras will co-exist for ever.

C The prices of digital cameras will go down very soon.

D Digital cameras will not take the place of traditional ones in the next few years.

33 What will take place in the next few years,according to the president?

A A big change in technologies and in the way of thinking.

B A change in digitalisation.

C A change in the way of manufacturing.

D A change in the business cycle.

34 How long does each business cycle last,according to the president?

A 10 years.

B 14 or15 years.

C 25 years.

D 50 years.

35 What does the president say he is doing?

A He is designing jobs for the next generation.

B He is preparing for the 'fly' stage.

C He is doing something for the takeoff stage.

D He is flying an aircraft.

[参考答案]31. C32. D33. A34. D35. C

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