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Fall down as you come onstage.That's an odd trick.Not recommended.But it saved the pianist Vladimir Feltsman when he was a teenager back in Moscow.The veteran cellist Mstislav Rostropovich tripped him purposely to cure him of pre-performance panic,Mr.Feltsman said,"All my fright was_______(51).I already fell.What else could happen?"

Today,music schools are addressing the problem of anxiety in classes that_______(52)with performance techniques and career preparation.There are a variety of strategies that musicians can learn to _______(53) stage fright and its symptoms: icy fingers,shaky limbs,racing heart,blank mind.

Teachers and psychologists offer wide-ranging advice,from basics like learning pieces inside out,_______(54) mental discipline,such as visualizing a performance and taking steps to relax.Don't _______(55) that you're jittery ,they urge; some excitement is natural,even necessary for dynamic playing.And play in public often,simply for the experience.

Psychotherapist Diane Nichols suggests'some _______(56) for the moments before performance,"Take two deep abdominal breaths,open up your shoulders,then smile,"she says."And not one of these'please don't kill me'smiles.Then _______(57) three friendly faces in the audience,people you would communicate with and make music to,and make eye contact with them."She doesn't want performers to think of the audience _______(58) a judge.

Extreme demands by mentors or parents are often at the _______(59) of stage fright,says Dorothy Delay,a well-known violin teacher.She tells other teachers to demand only what their students are able to achieve.

When Lynn Harrell was 20,he became the principal cellist of the Clever land Orchestra,and he suffered extreme stage fright."There were times when I got so _______(60) I was sure the audience could see my chest responding to the throbbing.It was just total panic.I came to a _______(61) where I thought,If I have to go through this to play music,I think I' m going to look for another job.Recovery,he said,involved developing humility-recognizing that _______(62) his talent,he was fallible,and that an imperfect concert was not a disaster.

It is not only young artists who suffer,of course.The legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz's nerves were famous.The great tenor Franco Corelli is another example."They had to push him on stage,"Soprano Renata Scotto recalled.

_______(63),success can make things worse."In the beginning of your career,when you're scared to death,nobody knows who you are,and they don't have any _______(64),"Soprano June Anderson said."There's _______(65) to lose.Later on,when you're known,people are coming to see you,and they have certain expectations.You have a lot to lose."

Anderson added,"I never stop being nervous until I've sung my last note."

51.A.saved B.assessed C.observed D.gone

52.A.deal B.word C.enroll D.communicate

53.A.explain B.understand C.fight D.analyze

54.A.of B.at C.for D.to

55.A.tell B.deny C.confirm D.argue

56.A.strategies B.reasons C.supports D.demands

57.A.choose B.watch C.draw D.recognize

58.A.like B.by C.as D.on

59.A.time B.root C.rate D.beginning

60.A.decisive B.nervous C.excited D.grateful

61.A.room B.point C.moment D.corner

62.A.whatever B.whenever C.wherever D.however

63.A.Actually B.Correspondingly C.Certainly D.Similarly

64.A.sensations B.expectations C.appreciations D.contributions

65.A.less B.much C.some D.more

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